19th Council Meeting


19th Council Meeting

19th Council Meeting

19th Council Meeting of the Union of NGOs of the Islamic World (UNIW) was held in Eyup district of Istanbul at Bahariye Mevlevihanesi. The Council board that was assigned at the 7th Elective General Assembly Meeting which was held before the Council Meeting convened under the chairmanship of Atty. Ali Kurt who was elected a second time as the Secretary General of the UNIW.

An evaluation of the 10-years activities of the UNIW was conducted at the meeting. Among these, large-scale activities such as 2nd International Family Conference that was held in cooperation with the Ministry of Family and Social Policies of Turkey on January 25th 2015 in Istanbul, youth gatherings that were held in Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, Albania, Malaysia and Turkey, Islamic World Academy, Country Desks Unit and humanitarian aid campaigns towards Syria and Middle Africa under Humanitarian Aid Platform were analyzed.

At the meeting where various planning on the activities to be conducted in the new term were talked over, some largescale future projects were presented to the council for their evaluation. One of these projects, International Family Institute, was introduced by Dr. Rabiye Yılmaz, Co-Chairwoman of UNIW Woman, Family and Youth Commission.

Fatih Coşar, President of Young UNIW informed the council about the Country Desks Unit and Islamic World Academy projects as well as the Islamic World Youth Assembly which is planned to be held in 2016.

UNIW General Coordinator Yusuf Kara gave information about the Islamic World NGO Fair that will be held in Istanbul in 2016. Besides, updates were shared on the new web page of the UNIW which is currently under construction and on the restoration process of the Sokullu Mehmet Pasha Madrasa, which will serve as the new headquarters of the UNIW.

It was decided to hold the next council meeting in Saudi Arabia.