21st Council Meeting


21st Council Meeting

21st Council Meeting

21st UNIW (The Union of NGOS of The Islamic World) Council meeting was held on 26-30 May in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia. Meeting was held in Promenade hotel.

UNIW country representatives from Sudan, Kazakhstan, England, Lebanon, Bangladesh, South Africa, Yemen, Palestine, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, Philippines, Sri Lanka and Nepal participated to council meeting. From Turkey, Ilim Yayma Foundation (IYV), Turkish Imam and Preachers Foundation, Ensar Foundation, Hayrat Foundation, MUSİAD, The Eastern Turkistan Education and Solidarity Association, Ihlas Foundation, Association for Protecting and Maintaining Ottoman Heritage in Adjacency of Quds (MİRASIMIZ) and Young UNIW participated to this meeting.

Council meeting was executed with a busy agenda on 29 May 2016, Sunday. Council members talked about International Family Charter Conference which was held in cooperation with IUMS (International Union for Muslim Scholars), 1st International Imam and Preachers Conference which was held in cooperation with Heytul Almiye El Masajid and talked about participation of UNIW in UN World Humanitarian Summit. Members also evaluated the results and outcomes of these events.

UNIW Secretary General also shared activity report from 20th Council meeting which was held in Mecca, Saudi Arabia to until now.

UNIW members consulted about International Family Institute, International Civil Society Academy and about upcoming events as 2nd International Kashmir Conference in conjunction with International NGOs Fair which will be held in Istanbul, Turkey. Young UNIW representative shared information with UNIW members regarding 13th International Youth Gathering which will be held in Ankara and Konya on 18-24 August 2016.

Participants also visited Kuala Lumpur for two days after council meeting. UNIW Secretary General Mr. Atty. Ali Kurt visited to ambassador of Republic of Turkey in Kuala Lumpur with his delegation and gave information about UNIW and its activities.

On the 1st of June 2016 Turkish delegation came back to Turkey from Kuala Lumpur.