25th Council Meeting


25th Council Meeting

25th Council Meeting

With the intention of attending the 3rd International NGO Fair, our councillors all around the globe assembled the 25th council meeting on November 19 in Akgün Hotel.

Starting with reading of Qur’an, the first session of the meeting continued with a mention of the agenda and the inaugural speech of UNIW general secretary Ali Kurt. Subsequently, the councillors advised their opinions and suggestions about the studies of the 3rd international NGO exhibition and family counselling.

The councillors stated that it was an overall successful exhibition and an exemplary organization by making mentions of the aura of being ummah. The idea of making this organization biennially had a strong influence by the consultations made.

The determinants of a good organization and what to be done in the upcoming organizations was discussed. The attendants made suggestions by stating different opinions about the exhibit.

On the second day of the exhibit, the co-chief executive of IDSB Women, Family and Youth committee Rabiye Yılmaz made evaluations about the ‘’Strong Family Strong Society’’ workshop which was carried out with the contributions of IMWU (International Muslim Women Unity). It was stated that the Contract of Family composed by the UAE should be handed in to the responsible authorities.

Later on, the general secretary evaluated the opinions and suggestions of the attendants and made declarations about the topics mentioned. He stated that UNIW constituted a legal consultancy office consisting of 3 translators and 2 attorneys. He mentioned that the manuals arranged by the legal consultancy contains information about legal regulations like establishing unions or legations and obtaining both residential and work permit. He also stated that they made a meeting about Yemen during the exhibit and that they had an upcoming charity project in collaboration with NGOs, Kızılay (Turkish Red Crescent) and AFAD (Crisis and Emergency Management).

In the second session of the meeting, the International Africa Congress, International NGO Academy, Young UNIW and administrative issues were discussed. In addition to that, the schedule and the studies done for the upcoming International Africa Congress were published. The head of Munazzamat al-Da’wa al-Islamiia Mr.Ataulmennan -who will also be the host for the upcoming IAC- and the attendants shared their views and discussed how and where and the organization should take place.

The head of Young UNIW Serdar Bayram gave information about the 14th International Youth Meeting and stated that there were young people coming from over fifteen countries and that they discussed issues like education and development, warzones, and the role of the young people, in the meeting. He also reported that they were expecting more participants from more countries, but the visa trouble Pakistan has been dealing with lately led to this.

Later on, the application of 7 institutions was discussed and eventually approved. It was decided that the meeting will be held in Khartoum, Sudan and in case of a delay in the schedule, the meeting will take place in Beirut, Lebanon. The meeting was brought to an end with devotions, Qur’an reading and Ali Kurt’s appreciation to everyone for their attendance.