26th Council Meeting


26th Council Meeting

26th Council Meeting

The 26th UNIW Council Meeting was held on 30 July 2019 in Tirana, Albania, with the participation of council members from various parts of the world.

The first session of the meeting started with the recitation of Qur’an; followed by the reading of agendas and opening speech by UNIW Secretary General, Atty. Ali Kurt. The Secretary General, Atty. Ali Kurt had shared reviews on the activities that were carried out since the previous council meeting. He also briefed the council on the latest information of the current and ongoing projects.

In the second session, discussions were held regarding the International Family Institute, International Africa Congress, International Civil Society Academy, Young UNIW, and some administrative issues.

Information on the participation and outcomes from the “International Muslim Women’s Union” (IMWU) event at Malaysia was presented. In addition, information and the course outline for the planned “International Civil Society Academy” was also presented to the Council.

Proposed themes and names of panels for the International Africa Congress were gathered from the council members. A consensus was reached to make new activity calendar for the UNIW’s Humanitarian Aid Platform.

The President of Young UNIW, Mr. Serdar Bayram reiterated that the 15th International Youth Gathering will be held in 2019 with the main theme, “Technology, Science and Youth”, and preparations are already ongoing to held the event at Bursa on this September.

In light of the meeting, 21 new membership applications were reviewed and approved. UNIW Secretary General, Atty. Ali Kurt thanked everyone for their participation and the 26th Council Meeting was ended with some prayers and group photo session.