28th Council Meeting (Online)


28th Council Meeting (Online)

28th Council Meeting (Online)

1028th UNIW Council Meeting was held online on May 16, 2020 with the participation of about 20 members from different countries.

The impact of the Covid-19 outbreak on Islamic geography, the activities of the UNIW members and the issues that await the world and the Islamic geography after the pandemic were discussed in the meeting with council members.

Meeting started with opening speech of Secretary General Atty. Ali Kurt and reading the agenda of the meeting.  After the general evaluations, the participants shared information about the Covid-19 situation in their country and the activities related to the epidemic.

UNIW Secretary General Atty. Ali Kurt read the agenda of the meeting by stating that the whole world is locked as in Islamic countries due to the Covid-19 outbreak. Agenda topics were as the developments after the 27th council meeting, the status of UNIW members during the pandemic period, the worldwide changes that will be experienced with the pandemic and the consultation of what can be done in these issues as the UNIW and the Islamic World. Secretary General said that Pandemic actually gives a different vision and that the council members can come together online more frequently by developing this system. In this context, he mentioned that it should be an important topic of our agenda, how can we evaluate our next days and what kind of works can be done. The Young UNIW President Mr. Serdar Bayram and his team told that they had online meetings in Turkish, Arabic and English language with youth from different parts of the world.

Council members emphasized that our Muslim brothers and sisters in countries such as Palestine, Rohingya, Syria and Yemen should not be forgotten during this epidemic. They suggested that a letter should be sent to the World Health Organization by UNIW regarding the need to perform the funeral and burial procedures of Muslims in accordance with the religion of Islam.

The president of the UNIW Humanitarian Aid Platform Mr. Musab Aydın, proposed the establishment of a health commission, such as Humanitarian Aid Platform, under the umbrella of the UNIW.

UNIW Secretary General, Atty. Ali Kurt thanked everyone for their participation.

Council meeting ended with pray (Dua).