5th General Assembly Meeting


5th General Assembly Meeting

5th General Assembly Meeting

5th Elective General Assembly Meeting of New Era in the Union of NGOs of the Islamic World (UNIW) hosted by Siyasal (Politics) Foundation has been conducted.

Delegates from different parts of the world and the members of the Executive Board participated to the General Assembly and elections took place for the seats of Secretary General, Vice Secretary General as well as assessing the new applications for membership.

Apart from Turkey, representatives from Indonesia, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Republic of Seychelles, Morocco, Sudan, Iraq, Iran, United Kingdom, Macedonia, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Kazakhstan, Palestine, Lebanon, Somali, Yemen and Afghanistan participated to the General Assembly meeting held in headquarters of Siyasal (Politics) Foundation.

Held on Sunday, June 3 2012, General Assembly started with Kur’an-ı Kerim recitation and speech of Necmi Sadikoglu, Secretary General of UNIW. Upon confirming availability of quorum for the meeting, the council committee managed the Assembly in line with the items of the agenda.

In line with the agenda, the activity report, financial inspection report of the period ended and draft activity plan for next period have been presented. The list containing the candidates for the seats of Secretary General, Vice Secretary General and Board of Audit has been submitted for voting. At the end of the elections; Atty. Ali Kurt (Turkey) has been elected as new Secretary General of UNIW and Att. Mubarak el Mutavva (Kuwait) and Dr. Fahri Solak (Turkey) have been elected as new Deputy Secretary General.

General Assembly also approved new applicant organizations that submitted the official documents requested for the membership. Thus, new organizations have been added under the umbrella of UNIW from Palestine, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Spain, Indonesia, USA, Turkey, Sudan, Iraq, Canada, Senegal, Kosovo, Serbia, Macedonia, Albania, Montenegro, Switzerland, Mongolia, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Russia, Bosna Herzegovina, Afghanistan, South Africa, Somali, Yemen, Jordan, Denmark, Ivory Islands and Libya.

Thus, the number of member countries has increased to 53 and the number of member organizations has exceeded two hundred.