International Family Institute 2nd High Advisory Board Meeting


International Family Institute 2nd High Advisory Board Meeting

International Family Institute 2nd High Advisory Board Meeting

2nd High Advisory Board meeting of UNIW International Family Institute held on 13th May 2017 in Golden Way Hotel Esenler, Turkey in cooperation with Ministry of Family and Social Policies and Esenler Municipality to setthe roadmap of International Family Institute.Ministers, members of parliament, academicians, presidents of NGOs and Intellectuals participated form more than 20 countries.

International Family Institute was established under the UNIW in order to produce recipes and develop attitude against contemporary problems which challenges our family values and our world of concepts. High Advisory Board members shared their precious ideas throughout the meeting and put in their insight and opinions regarding the ongoing efforts on the issue.

Following topics are targeted to be worked out: Providing the spread of examples of good practice to overcome the problems emerging in the family institution of the Islamic world; setting common strategies for the betterment of family structures of different societies; establishing the International Family Institute as a common platform which will bring the academics, decision-makers and non-governmental organizations together for the purpose of working out sustainable solutions in the face of family-oriented social problems and making sure that it has sufficient institutional capacity regarding its fields of activity.

In this regard, International Family Institute focusing its efforts on our shared values gives us the opportunity to form a common mind in a broader area of cooperation with valuable contributions of academics, specialists and scholars of Islam.

In this context, acting in cooperation with the Ministry of Family and Social Policies of the Republic of Turkey being in the first place as well as the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) and International Union for Muslims Scholars, UNIW aims at bringing together both human and information resources who can provide the needed contribution in this highly strategic subject within the body of the institute.

High Advisory Board strives to set the institute on firm basis and ensure a fortified position against the modernity.

In conclusion, the objectives were set more concretely after exchanges of ideas and presentations carried out throughout the meeting; efforts were intensified regarding formation of basic opinions related to the conceptual framework and collecting a variety of information and accumulation, and an important phase has been completed in the foundation process of the institute as a result of the meeting.