The Family Charter International Conference


The Family Charter International Conference

The Family Charter International Conference

“The Family Charter International Conference” was executed jointly by the Union of NGOs of the Islamic World and International Union of Muslim Scholars in Istanbul Yenibosna Gonen Hotel between 3-6 April 2016.

Opening, greeting and speeches were realized following Quran tilawat at the opening event of the Family Charter International Conference held on Sunday, 3 April 2016. Firstly, Prof. Dr. Ali Karadaği made an opening speech.

In his speech, Karadaği pointed out that Family Charter Conference concerns not only a specific category of people but also whole Islamic world and society will be unified on the occasion of family reformation. He stated that Turkey hosting the conference is the capital of Islamic world and thanked warmly to those who support the meeting, Turkish government and participants.

Henceforward, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Fethi Güngör made a presentation of congratulatory messages that were sent to conference.

The Union of NGOs of The Islamic World General Secretary Atty. Ali Kurt made opening speech. In his speech, Mr. Kurt gave information on IDSB’s activities, especially on works in the field of family. Afterwards, he pointed to the insidious approaches that lie behind international agreements and aim to damage our family structure and stated that they, as  NGOs, object that situation. He indicated that our family values, as a role model, should be expressed to the whole world and international decision making mechanisms instead of complaint about negative conditions threaten our blessed family portrait. He mentioned that within the context of conference, they will discuss International Family Charter on which International Union of Muslim Scholars made a great effort for a long time and explain our region’s point of view on family concept in the final declaration.

Subsequently, the president of scientific committee, Abdulmecid Alnaccar, greeted participants; explained that they assembled to discuss the Charter and the Charter consisting of 28 articles will be evaluated together and a contract, which will reflect general basis of family, is conformed with international agreements and support us against problems alleged by other charters, will be drafted.

After, International Union of Muslim Women Organization Member Nura Alomar point out that the charter to be published in the conference will be important and a milestone by reason of reflection of family values after CEDAW’ signed in 1979.

The President of International Union of Muslim Scholars Abdülvahap Ekinci took the floor and expressed that the basis of all problems we face in social life stems from defect and weakness of family structure and indicated that family notion is required to be paid more attention if termination of social problems is desired.

Subsequently, in his speech, Senior Advisor to Prime Minister of Republic of Turkey Ömer Faruk Korkmaz approached the tranformation in family within the context of  civilisation and remarked that we don’t own a modern law comprising family at this point and  Islamic socities are accused of maltreatment of wife and kid brides in spite of the fact that Prophet Muhammad (S) never laid a hand on His wife. He pointed out that scholars have responsabilities to correct these mistakes.

Afterwards, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Huriye Martı, on behalf of the Directorate of Religious Affairs, stated that the stonger the family bonds are, the stronger and healthier the family is in the society; if this family bonds are damaged, the society will deteriorate and is perturbed, just as the family is dissolved. She expressed that modern-day’s biggest influence on family is the identification of family with substantive requirements. She pointed out that modern approach that harms unity sense   and loosens the family bonds, isolates people; people that proclaim their independences because of the fact that they become financially independent, don’t choose live together in a family structure; however people need their family because of  not only materially but also morally.

At opening event, Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Family and Social PoliciesMehmet Ersoy took the final floor. He pointed out that a special ministry for family was created in 2011 pursuant to importance of family protection considered by Turkish government the Ministry of Family and Social Policies is established and this ministry carries out important works.

The sessions started following the pause made. At the first session, Prof. Dr. Ali Karadaği, made speech with title of “the balance is the fair alternative of equality”.

Subsequently, the president of scientific committee, Abdulmecid Alnaccar,enlightened about the International Family Charter. Hence forwards, participants were allowed to take the floor.

On the second day of conference, at the sessions executed by the International Union of Muslim Scholars’ expert members,   IDSB International Family Institute High Advisory Board and participants from Turkey who are experts on family subject, speeches were made pursuant to the program attached below by examining the subjects dealt in the Charter.

On the third day of conference, the Charter’s articles drafted were brought for discussion.  Suggestions were received verbally and written. Proposals that were approved by the majority were integrated in the Charter following the drafting commission’s examination. The final draft of the Charter was declated at the final session realised on the morning of Wednesday, 6 April 2016 and the conference is completed.


To discuss the articles of the International Family Charter drafted by International Union of Muslim Scholars with the contributions of  IDSB International Family Institute High Advisory Board with the purpose of submittal to politicians in Muslim world and international platforms,

To offer an international alternative within the concept of Islamic values to International Charters, such as “CEDAW”, seriously opposed by Islamic world,

To declare International Family Charter based on our point of view with our Islamic values.