UNIW International Family Institute (IFI) Academicians Meeting


UNIW International Family Institute (IFI) Academicians Meeting

UNIW International Family Institute (IFI) Academicians Meeting

IFI Academics Meeting was held online with the participation of our High Advisory Board members and academics.

At the meeting, topics such as “The evaluation of the sub-texts of the Family Agreement”, “The Istanbul Convention and the international family agreements to which our country is a party” were discussed with academics within the scope of IFI studies.

In his opening speech, UNIW Secretary General, Atty. Ali Kurt, said, “We wanted to make an assessment together with you in order to determine our roadmap on the Family Agreement, which we have prepared in the axis of the IFI, in these days when Turkey withdraws from the Istanbul Convention. If it is okey for you, we would like to conduct these online consultations periodically.” said.

The program continued with KAGE Co-Chair Dr Rabiye Yılmaz’s short presentation on UAE studies. Yılmaz said, “We finalized our Family Agreement with consultations at the end of 2017. I would like to state that we need the support of the academic community to create the sub-articles and action plans of the convention. We will try to make the Family Agreement more active in this conjuncture,” she said.

Afterwards, the participants took the floor one by one and shared their opinions.

In the meeting, many valuable ideas such as the need for new studies in the field of concept and fiqh, the creation of an action plan for the International Family Convention, the determination of psycho-social dynamics in family problems came to the fore. In addition, it was emphasized that statistical data and the need to develop a special communication language in order to communicate with young people.

The meeting ended after wishes and proposals.