UNIW NGO Meeting in Morocco


UNIW NGO Meeting in Morocco

UNIW NGO Meeting in Morocco

UNIW NGO Meeting in Morocco 
3 – 6 August 2018

The UNIW committee fulfilled their visit to Morocco -including Casablanca and Rabat- between the 3rd and the 6th of August 2018 with the intention of participating to the general organization of Hareketü’t Tawhid ve’l Islah and meeting with member NGOs.

In the first session of the committee meeting, NGO’s having a study about Women, Family, Young people and Orphans came together with Rabat’ta Müessesetü’l Besme and shared information about their experiences and studies. The General Secretary of UNIW Ali Kurt gave information about the NGO Academy Project which is planned to be established in the following years and demanded support from the Moroccan institutions.

Later on, the committee attended the opening of Hareketü’t Tawhid ve’l Islah together with the attendance of NGO representatives coming from several countries of Africa. In the meeting -in which old leaders of the movement like Üstad Raysuni and Sheyh Hamdavi participated- Abdurrahim Şeyhi was elected as president for the new era and made a meeting about the schedule of the following four years. In this meeting Ali Kurt had a parley with the president of Morocco and invited him to the 3rd International NGO exhibit which will be held in Istanbul between 17 to 18th of November.

In the second session of the meeting, a conference was held among NGO representatives under the roof of Mundata Zahra Foundation. During the meeting, Ali Kurt stated that: “As UNIW we desire the Islamic World to come together. If Prophet Muhammed (s.a.v) would be alive, there wouldn’t be any borders between the Islamic countries. We at least need to remove them, at least in our midst. In return for the EU, the Islamic World needs to strengthen up their relations. While our God, our Prophet and our Holy Book is mutual, it is wrong to have a dispute among ourselves. We see Morocco as our home and so are the other Muslims in our country. We’re all brothers and we have a lot of way to go. The way of being Ummah goes through togetherness. All the studies and works done are made with this mentality. Morocco and Turkey are the two tips of a crescent who touches the western world. This brings lots of responsibilities with it, but by the grace of Allah we will overcome the problems in the Islamic World together. Similar visitations like this will lead to beneficial consultations.”

On the ongoing process of the meeting, the participants introduced themselves and explained their businesses. The meeting came to an end with collaboration and discussions about cooperative projects.