Young UNIW 3rd Ordinary General Assembly


Young UNIW 3rd Ordinary General Assembly

Young UNIW 3rd Ordinary General Assembly

On 20th June 2017, the Youth Council of the Union of NGOs of the Islamic World (Young UNIW) undergoes a transition of leadership committee with iftar and general assembly that was held at Kuz Kulesi Restaurant, Üsküdar Municipality.

The general meeting, started with the opening speech of Atty. Ali Kurt, Secretary General of UNIW. In his speech, he mentioned that youth activities are extremely important. While emphasizing the importance of UNIW’s mission since the foundation of UNIW, he expressed his confidence that these Young UNIW would continue to develop from year to year.

Then, the third President of Young UNIW, Mehmet Serif Sarikaya gave his speech. Cihat Terzioğlu and Fatih Coşar, the first two term presidents of Young UNIW, also attended the General Assembly.

Mehmet Serif in his speech highlighted the achievements of 2015-2017 tenure. During his term, Young UNIW had gained exceptional support from Turkey’s Ministry of Youth and Sports. They had also organized “Islamic World Academy” that was conducted in 3 countries, that is Turkey, Malaysia and Albania. From 18-24 August 2016, 13th International Young Gathering (IYG) was initialized and held in Ankara and Konya. Mehmet Serif ended his speech by offering good wishes for Young UNIW new tenure committees.

Later on, Serdar Bayram, the new President of Young UNIW, thanked the previous Young UNIW presidents, committees, and friends who support the progressive development of Young UNIW. He also mention of the planned future projects of Young UNIW, including of the coming 14th International Youth Gathering (IYG) with the support of Turkey’s Ministry of Youth and Sports.

The 3rd Young UNIW Ordinary General Assembly ended with a dinner and announcement of the new committees of Young UNIW.