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Anwar Elquran Endoment

Anwar Elquran Endoment

Anwar Al Quran concerned with spreading the Noble Qur’an and its sciences among Muslims in Turkiye, the Arab and Islamic world. Its headquarters are in Istanbul, Turkiye. Its aim is to contribute to shaping the awareness of the Islamic nation in general and those residing in Turkiye in particular by returning to the Book of Allah to adopt the values emanating from it and adhere to identity.

The vision of the endowment is:

  1. They set up that the Anwar Al-Qur’an Endowment be the leading endowment institution in publishing the Holy Qur’an and its sciences in the world
  2. Turkey and the Arab and Islamic worlds in order to serve the Book of God and those working on it.
  3. We support preservation and those interested in spreading the Noble Qur’an, its sciences and values in Turkey and the Arab and Islamic world.
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Member ID: 435

Date and Place of Membership: 18.07.2020, Online (29.Council)

Date and Place of Foundation: 08.04.2017, Türkiye

Area of Activity: Education - Culture, Notification and invitation, Humane aid, Youth

Country: Turkey

President: Ahmet Yıldırımoğlu

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Akşemsettin Mah,Vatan Cad,No:14 ,Fatih, İstanbul,Türkiye

0212 621 11 38