Horyal Humanitarian Foundation (HHF)

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Horyal Humanitarian Foundation (HHF)

Horyal Humanitarian Foundation (HHF)

HORYAL HUMANITARIAN FOUNDATION have done multi-sacrifice activities across the regions of Somalia with the aim to alleviate suffer and poverty in the region since 2014. The organization's work is in line and guided by by the the Hadith of the Prophet صلّي الله عليه وسلّم "The best of people are those who benefits others." Also Rasullullah SAW said: "The best of deeds is contiunity, even though a little"

Member Information

Member ID: 425

Date and Place of Membership: 11 January 2020, Turkey (27th Council)

Date and Place of Foundation: 2012, Mogadishu

Area of Activity: Humane Aid

Country: Somalia

President: Hassan Addow

Genel Bilgiler

Maka Al-Mukarama Road, Mogadishu, Somalia

+252 61 5840395