Indonesian Moslem Farmers Union

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Indonesian Moslem Farmers Union

Indonesian Moslem Farmers Union

Indonesian Islamic Farmers Union abbreviates as STII, was established in Yogyakarta on October 26, 1946 and was reactivated on July 18, 1998, for an indefinite period and operates under the auspices of the Executive Board located in Jakarta.

The aim of the Union is to achieve the welfare and happiness of the Indonesian farming community in the lives of individuals, society and the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia towards divine pleasure.

Member Information

Member ID: 449

Date and Place of Membership: 30.10.2021, Online (33.Council)

Date and Place of Foundation: 16.10.1946, Indonesia

Area of Activity: Education - Culture, Notification and invitation, Humane aid

Country: Indonesia

President: Fathurrahman Mahfudz

Genel Bilgiler

Gedund Menara Da'wah Lt.3 J1. Kramat Raya No:45 DKI, 10450 Jakarta, Indonesia

+62 812 1080 825