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Safa Education Aid and Solidarity Foundation

Safa Education Aid and Solidarity Foundation

Short Introduction
Safa Education Aid and Solidarity Foundation was founded in Ankara in 1988 with the signals of Yahyalili Haci Hasan Efendi and Ali Ramazan Dinc Hodja Efendi in Ankara in order to contribute to the people’s scientific, intellectual and moral development. Having opened a number of branches and representative offices within a few years, the Foundation expanded its service area in the process. It is among the founding members of the Voluntary Foundation of Turkey and The Union of NGOs of the Islamic World (UNIW). Until 2001, it reached 37 branches and representatives, mostly in the provinces with universities. The center is opposite the Mihrimah Mosque in Fatih Edirnekapi, Istanbul. It still carries out many educational work throughout Turkey, granting scholarships and providing dormitory facilities for students of various age groups, and organizing seminars in order to contribute to their moral and cultural development. Additionally, Safa Foundation, which has made many innovations in the field of audio-visual publishing, has produced “Asr-i Saadet Akincilari (Felicity Era Raiders” and “Gonul Dosta Gider (Heart Goes to the Friend)” films. The Foundation also continues to work in publishing in cooperation with establishments such as Asian Press Media Group, Seyr TV, Seyr Fm, Yenidunya Magazine, Mavi Publishing, Yediulya Website. The Foundation continues to work under the name of ‘Safa Foundation Education Services’ in the field of education and training, with Private Safa Schools and Private Safa Butterfly Kindergartens and Nurseries as well as the Cahit Zarifoglu Information and Wisdom House, study centers and similar education institutions. In addition, under the umbrella of Kalb-i selim, Meeting with Friends, Friday talks lessons, DİDAR (Religious Sciences and Values Academy); madrasah, Imam Hatip High School, Theology licence and graduate programs, dormitory and education studies are done. It organizes on-site training programs, study centers, project and project management trainings, Quran, hadith and fiqh lessons, language schools, foreign language camps, traditional summer events and personal development seminars addressing different age groups. In the same way, the Foundation is engaged in many activities such as kraat and memory training, male and female Koran courses, as well as providing assistance to needy people within their possibilities.

Mehmet Kalkan

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Member ID: 31

Date and Place of Membership: 31 December 2005, Founding Member

Date and Place of Foundation: 1988, Ankara

Area of Activity: Education - Culture, Notification and Invitation

Country: Turkey

President: Mehmet Kalkan

Genel Bilgiler

Gazi Neighborhood Silahtar Street No:100 Yenimahalle, Ankara

+90 312 261 38 38