Aleppo Is Calling Us

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Aleppo Is Calling Us

Aleppo Is Calling Us

The land of martyrs of the oppressed people in Aleppo is calling us, They are waiting for our helps.

In March 2011 some young people inspired from Arab spring and wrote something on the walls and the revolution in Syria started with this event.Son Assad inherited one of the bloodiest regime in the region from his father and despite the goodness recommendations from the world, unfortunately, he did not surprise the public and respond back these young peoples’ humanitarian demand with barbarity.

In spite of increasing massacre in Syria, the people who lives there continued to have peace call to the government. But the respond was just tortures and bombs& bullets coming top of them. The entire country ruined and our MuslimSyrian brothers became miserable.

Every day we got help and emergency calls among the debris and fire in the country.

Especially recently after the heavy bombardment, the people’s situation is getting worse WHO isolated in the ruins. The distress, blood and tears are scaled up.

In the last 4 days, 300 people died, thousands wounded. They suffer lack of from food, medicine and cure.

We would like you to send your donation via our Humanitarian Aid Organization as soon as possible to those brothers of ours who wait help with hope in Aleppo.

We are sure of that Allah helps the servant who helps the others.

May Allah help us and make Muslim community glorious.

The Union of NGOs of the Islamic World (UNIW)