Another Move by Trump That Threatens World Peace!

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Another Move by Trump That Threatens World Peace!

Another Move by Trump That Threatens World Peace!

The international community had once again been shaken and confronted by the overbearing USA President, Donald Trump, as he unsurprisingly come out with another decision that threaten the world peace. For the sake of corralling support domestically, he had disregard democratic international conventions and even UN resolutions that were backed by his own country, in order to please foreign lobbies and foreign politicians in the price of dynamic world peace.

To occupy another state’s land under the pretext of “I’m strong, thus I’m right”, are akin to the acts of conquering by invaders. American President Donald Trump’s backing on Israel sovereignty over Golan Heights as “the land of Israel”, after it was occupied by Israel in the 1967 war and unilaterally annexed in 1981, is not a classical move, but a biased and vile stand!

UN Security Council Resolution No.497 has been definitive on the matter since 1981 that Golan Heights are Syrian territory. In fact, Israel itself is an occupationist state that refuse to give up on its expansionist policy, thus it has no legal and legitimate ground for its actions.

Recent perilous developments such as recognizing Jerusalem as the capital city of Israel and the Jewish nation state, are not impartial actions.

In order to overcome Jewish lobby in USA which had engulfed President Trump, the Islamic countries, especially those in Middle East and Gulf region should do more than simply isolating them and work together with the international community.

UNIW calls for effective austere by all nations and international institutions, especially Islamic countries to comprehend the ever-increasing recklessness and aggressive stride by Israel, which has threatened world peace by consistently dismissing diplomatic conventions of the free world.

We would like to underline that international community should also take prudent decisions on Palestine, Syrian, Kashmir, East Turkestan, Arakan and related issues, and adopt swift decisions that envisage fair resolution from the UN Security Council.

Once again, we would like to emphasize that if the foreign powers can make such reckless move on our lands, we are in dire need for the Islamic world to recognize each other, to develop sustainable projects collectively, to stand their ground, to anticipate the need of the future and to prove to the world of its capabilities.

Surely, the Golan Heights should belong to Syrians and remains so.

The international community must do its part in the face of this inequitable event by acting swiftly to end the growing aggression of Israel and the United States that disregard all international law.

This is respectfully announced to the public.