Declaration on Qatar

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Declaration on Qatar

Declaration on Qatar

The Islamic countries should heed the prophet’s hadith, “You (Muslims) are one Ummah”, especially in these days when we are confronted with the crisis of fragmentation and divisions of Muslims.

Muslims are obliged to establish unity under the name of our Lord, the Holy Book, the prophet and the qiblah. Thus we should be able to compensate any conflicts between us, but yet we are confronted with the blockade on Qatar in this holy month of Ramadan.

The seeds of disunity had long been sowed among us by the enemies of Islam. Our countries had never cease from becoming a bloody chessboard played by capitalist interests. These recent events are also the manifestation of the dirty ambitions of the west over the Middle East, which is the heart of the Islamic world.

In today’s conjecture, international super powers continue to keep us divided into smaller factions, while they keep the region vulnerable to external influences as they aspire to rake in all the wealth of this provinces, especially the energy resource materials and their corridors.

On these occasions let us be reminded of this verse, “…and those with him are forceful against the disbelievers, merciful among themselves…” (Surah Al-Fath:29); that is for us to only oppose the enemies of Islam, that had painted Dr. Yusuf al-Qaradawi and Islamic scholars as terrorist and mere tool for their dirty plans!

The nations of the Islamic world need to shed off the blood and tears of previous generation and recognize each other on developing sustainable developments together, and it is of vital importance for us to have our countries manage its own lands and guide it toward the better future for everyone.

Any dispute and injustice among the members of this Tawheed are very despicable.

We urge all parties to put an end to the conflict, honoring the holy month of Ramadan and the coming Eid, while embracing the spirit of brotherhood, friendship and cooperation.