International Solidarity Campaign with Palestinian Captives

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International Solidarity Campaign with Palestinian Captives

International Solidarity Campaign with Palestinian Captives

An international campaign has been launched for solidarity with Palestinian captives in Israeli prisons. UNIW, Humanitarian Rights and Freedoms Humanitarian Charity Organization (İHH), Invitation and Brotherhood Foundation and FİDDER participated in the conference to support the campaign.

One of the leaders of the Islamic Resistance Movement Mr Hüsam Atıf Bedran gave explanations as follows: “Nearly 7000 Palestinian captives in Israel prisons go towards death day by day. That issue continues to be one of the most important problems of humanity. Israel, Zionist state occupying Palestine, continues to violate international law related to captives abovementioned and conventions on fundamental human rights” and added secure medical treatment of diseases that Palestinian captives in Zionist Israel prisons have caught, disallowance of visitors for entry and arbitrary arrests.

Chairman of the Invitation and Brotherhood Foundation Mr Recep Songül gave explanations as follows: “The campaign have been continuing for 3 years and is an international one that 500 NGOs from nearly 50 countries support. Our Palestinian brothers have brought this important problem to the top of the agenda as they did for many others, and have reminded us of a reality that Muslims have not noticed. We have learned resistance, struggle and patience and how to live honestly under embargo from our Palestinian brothers.  They bring that matter forward through file “Captives”, and show us how captives struggle in prisons. In prisons, 7000 warriors of Islam, 22 members of parliament, more than 300 children in ages less than 16 and nearly 25 women have been abandoned to mercy of Zionists. It should not be understood that we have forgotten the captives in Syria, Iraq, Egypt, Arakan, Russia and Guantanamo prisons and in other countries. This is an international Palestine-origin campaign. Its target people are all captives in the world.  We, as Turkish Muslims and NGOs, support this campaign and declare this issue in every platform.”

In the press conference, representatives of FİDDER and İHH delivered a speech. Through this campaign, pain, injustices that captives have, and the ones that are imposed on their wives and children will be kept h highly on the agenda between 17-22 April.  Common word of the organizations that support the press conference is as follows:

“You are free but Your Brothers are captivated!

#Freedom for the Captives

Captives are honour of this Ummah…”