Islamic World stands by Turkey

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Islamic World stands by Turkey

Islamic World stands by Turkey

Dear ladies and gentlemen, dear journalists, dear guests,

As the union of NGOs in the Islamic World, an umbrella organization with 312 members from 63 countries, we strictly condemn the heinous coup attempt against the government elected with the almost half of the votes and the president Recep Tayyip Erdoğan who came in power by receiving 55% of the votes of the Turkish people based on their free will.

Our glorious nation, women and men, the young to the elderly, on 15th of July upon the invitation of the Commander in Chief have shielded its body against a terrorist organization attacking the people with heavy weapons and have defeated in one night a treacherous plan being prepared for 40 years.

We heard the calls to prayer in Iraq war. We saw the monsters who murdered his own people with tanks and planes in Syria without blinking eyes. We never thought we would see one day the same things in our own country.

The putschists were as proud and aggressive on that day as Abraha’s elephants! But they forgot angry and determined “Ebabils” pending like an arc stretched since 1960. This noble nation, in millions took to the streets after a single phone message in the middle of the night and with the heroic help of security forces consisting police officers and soldiers who oppose the coup fought to the death, showed an amazing resistance. Only one night, yes over that night, thousands of epics were written till the morning.

The answer deserved to this gang that bombed his own parliamentary, their security forces and his own people with weapons delivered to them to protect this nation was given the best possible way, Alhamdulillah.

Those who belong to this nefarious organization, under extremely dirty projects like years of interreligious dialogue, severe against Muslims, in a compassionate approach towards the infidels, not only inn our homeland but also in the Islamic world were all Trojans of the international dark axis. Islamic essentials like “hijab” were incidental in their eyes, they utilized all types of conspiracy, lie and cheatings to achieve their purposes.

During military, right or left periods, growing like virus without ever realizing, they devised well-planned destructions against our spiritual values and foundations of faith that forms the backbone of our unity and solidarity. They misguided and poisoned the benign hearts and minds through the wicked plans under the guise of religious activities. They destroyed the concept of judiciary and military.

But they forgot that Allah is the almighty planner of all planners, which negates all the traps. All the treacherous plans of this wicked gang infiltrated to the fine capillaries of our country, praise be to Allah, turned out to be in vain.

The plan in preparation so many years, supported inside and outside has suffered a crushing defeat in a few hours by Allah’s grace. The game orchestrated to divide the country joined hearts.

A hero nation’s spirit of brotherhood and resistance that oppressed for a century took over, thanks to Allah. We have to continue and maintain this understanding of unity and brotherhood without crowing over and being played by internal and external dark powers.

Not only Istanbul and Ankara but also all around the country, the democracy watch completed the 17th day. We see that this is not only a superb ownership but also a strong message to the internal and external enemies.

The international community including in particular the UN, the USA and the European countries played 3 monkeys as usual, showing double standards that did not surprise us.
This democracy hypocrites of which we shared their pains in Paris, in Brussels, in London bombings did not see the glorious resistance of the people in unity and togetherness, who suffered over 200 deaths and thousand injured people. They did not want to understand, as always been when it comes to our geography unfortunately, as in Egypt, Syria, Yemen.

They felt uncomfortable with the defeat of their wicked “hashishi” ally they have been feeding for years.

Despite this indifference of the Western world, our brothers and sisters in the all the corners of the Islamic World have shared our sorrow in their hearts.

Despite similar difficulties experienced in some friendly countries, our brothers and sisters poured on to the streets with us. Their sincere prayers, support meetings and messages that forms the Ummah consciousness were our most powerful fulcrums.

The geography here as it is today has to strengthen unity and solidarity within their own value judgments. The only solution to this kind of problems, it is this spirit of unity that we will plant among us. We have to protect the Unity of Islamic World, not of words but of deeds.

UNIW was established for this purpose, UNIW is a brotherhood and unity project like bricks forming a strong wall.

Against this atrocious coup attempt we face today, our brothers and sisters across the World, from Asia-Pacific, Hindo-Pak, to the Middle East and Africa showed strong solidarity under the heading of “The Islamic World stands by Turkey” with the spirit of pure brotherhood.

From the first hours of the coup, we have received thousands of tearful support messages from every corner of the world. We thank once again our brothers and sisters on this occasion.

Finally, this terrifying incident showed us that maintaining unity is not only by remarks but deeds are required. We should not give opportunity to FETO type wicked movements again and stay alert and keen in discernment of good or bad.

The most important threat to disrupt the unity and solidarity of a nation, and our main reference values comes from this type of heinous movements behaving in a sneaky and secretive manner among us, we should be on high alert against them. Our religious authorities, including The Presidency of Religious Affairs and non-governmental organizations must oppose all type of parallel state or belief systems.

It must be known that monotheism and faith principles established in the Qur’an are the main pillars of the Islamic community. When they are collapsed, there is no community.

On this occasion, we wish mercy from Allah for our martyrized brothers and sisters, forbearance for the loved ones, and speedy recovery for the injured ones.

We offer our thanks to our President Mr. Recep Tayyip Erdogan who stands tall and call the people out to the streets and squares from the first moment of this betrayal to fight against the coup d’état.

We would like to present our deepest thanks to our government that took immediate steps against the coup, security forces, our soldiers and especially unarmed mass forces who stood by their commander altruistically, civil society organizations and all that supported us with their prayers. We are so grateful for them all.

We believe that the perpetrators of this wicked attempt will be punished as soon as possible in the most severe manner they deserve.

Respectfully announced to the public and we thank you for your attendance and support.

Atty. Ali Kurt

UNIW General Secretary