Jerusalem is the Red-Line for Muslims

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Jerusalem is the Red-Line for Muslims

Jerusalem is the Red-Line for Muslims

President Donald Trump has come out with another so-called peace plan that threatens world peace and tranquility, in an environment where USA was clearly seen as a biased advocate for Israel.

The modern-age Nero had manifested itself by ignoring Israel’s occupation and condoning its illegal settlements, completely disregard of international law and democratic practices, and trying to shore-up supports from Israeli lobbies for the sake of his domestic politics. His proposal would only legitimize the annexation of Palestinian lands and it doesn’t hold any vision of peace.

Presented by the USA with the cooperation of the occupying state of Israel, the “Deal of the Century” totally ignored the rightful owner of the lands, the entire Islamic world and the people of Palestine. Jerusalem is the first qibla for Muslims and it was entrusted to us by the Prophet. And unfortunately, some of those in the free world seems to be just a bystander, without questioning the unfolding injustices that took place in plain view.

According to the reports by United Nations Economic and Social Commission for West Asia (ESCWA), it was clearly proven that Israel had conducted and enabled apartheid practices towards the Palestinian people. However, under the immoral protection of the United States of America, Israel had continuously defied the principles agreed by the international community and act in utter disregard of the Rome Statute, the International Criminal Court, and the UN Convention on the Suppression and Punishment of the Crime of Apartheid.

The proposed plan by USA would only further embolden Israel as both “occupational” state and “apartheid” state. The plan aims to eliminate Palestine by taking advantage of the “international lawlessness” led by the USA. Undeniably, the proposal has no conjuncture to attain world peace.

Israel, whom conduct material and moral sanctions to the Palestinian people at every opportunity and ignores the Palestinian’s plight, simply wishes to annex Jerusalem and our first qibla, through this ‘deal of the century’.

Thus, we as an ummah, regardless of countries, completely oppose the proposed plan. Jerusalem is the capital of Palestine and will remain so until the end of time. Jerusalem is entrusted to us by the prophet. Jerusalem has been paid by blood and inherited from Saydina Umar, Salahuddin Al-Ayyubi, and Sultan Abdülhamit II, for centuries. Jerusalem is not a property for sale.

We would never accept USA President Trump’s so-called Middle East Peace Plan, nor we will acknowledge Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. Even in the presence of sinister traitors among us, you will not succeed.

All of the imperialist, discriminatory and fascist decisions taken by the current USA would never guarantee Palestinian independence. The deal is not the deal of the century, but the despotism of the century.

The epic resistance of the Palestinian people against the terrible injustice that they have been endured for years are widely evident. In that view, to impose such plans that would deny the rights of the rightful owner of the lands is a completely ridiculous action and brings nothing but instability to the region. Such unilateral, one-sided peace plan have no legal value, rather than to merely satisfy Israel’s domestic policy.

As UNIW, we call on the international society and the UN, especially Islamic countries, to take a bold action against such acts that threatens world peace and ignored every human rights and international laws, and to act swiftly to put an end to both Israel and the United States’ escalating acts of aggression.

This statement is respectfully announced to the public.