Let’s Protect Jerusalem and Masjid-i Aqsa!

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Let’s Protect Jerusalem and Masjid-i Aqsa!

Let’s Protect Jerusalem and Masjid-i Aqsa!

Al-Aqsa! I A blessed environment ğı is a holy place; As the Messenger of Allah commanded, ”the second mosque established for God on earth kurulan (Bukhari, Enbiya 40; Muslim, Masjid, 1, 2). Terrorism is the official policy, a road map has made the pirate state of Israel, not all Muslims in the land of our holy place built in Jerusalem! 

Unfortunately, this blessed sanctuary is a state that has the status of an internationally organized terrorist organization, and Israel, which is a highly organized terrorist organization, has been closed to certain age groups in certain days and hours as the last ring of the Jewish policies of the blessed city of Jerusalem. After the synagogues were built and replaced by spatial separation and swallowing policies, they were now closed to the believers who were running their mosques to perform their prayers.

A long time to provoke Muslims, the elderly, young women around the Al-Aqsa mosque, continuing massacres with dirty postals Kıble Mosque in the people of the worship of gas bombs, attacking with plastic bullets, Koran places in the mosque, This is one of the last provocations of the pirated state of piracy on them.

After the state of terror prevented the Muslims from making Friday Prayer in Al-Aqsa Mosque, the police searched the doors with the detector and intervened with the sound bombs and plastic bullets among our Muslim brothers and sisters, including the peace ambassador of the Masjid al-Aqsa Peacekeeper, Hatibi and former Jerusalem Mufti Ikrime Sabri. is never acceptable.

Jerusalem and Masjid al-Aqsa are neither a Palestinian problem nor an Arab problem. It is a problem of human rights and freedoms, the problem of the existence of an oppressed people. 

It is obvious that the terrorist organization Israel’s approach to provoking the Masjid al-Aqsa for about a week is an effort to shed blood in Palestine, and that it is nothing more than a game of letting the world into its new plans by creating an actual situation.

When they open their mouths against Muslims, they see how silent the democracy hypocrites have voiced their concerns about the violations of human rights and freedoms (!);

The silence of the Islamic Cooperation Organization, which is the defense of the rights of Jerusalem in the foundation philosophy of all the Muslim states against the holy shrine of Al-Masjid al-Aqsa, which is the land of all Muslims, is regrettable and thought provoking.

The occupation of Masjid al-Aqsa, our first warrant, is unacceptable, the invasion of Jerusalem and the city of Mirac is unacceptable!

The last bastion of Zionism, the pirate state, condemns this kind of practices of Israel as hatred, and we invite the international community and Muslim states that have not lost their conscience to take measures and raise their voices.

Respectfully publicly announced.