Let Us Help Our Syrian Brothers!

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Let Us Help Our Syrian Brothers!

Let Us Help Our Syrian Brothers!

In the terrible bloody war that were conducted by heinous political ambitions of international powers, our Syrian brothers and sisters were desperate to escape, seeking refuge and security.

The province of Sakarya, Turkey had witnessed a brutal murder of our Syrian sister that was 9-months pregnant, along with her 10-months old baby, as she supposedly awaits her time for baby delivery.

Under the curtain of criticism towards Turkey’s government foreign policy, some groups had encouraged and giving out dissenting statements on the presence of Syrian refugees, in the tones of xenophobia, racist and hatred.

Some of the politicians even labelled these refugees in humiliating names such as terrorists, beggars, traitors, and store vote. Such unsubstantiated labelling and naming had made our Syrian guests become the victim of vicious hate propaganda.

We find it unacceptable to be embarrassed on helping our brothers and sisters going through tough times, instead we should feel proud to host and assist them, and the use of provocative or fascist expressions that promotes hostility are incomprehensible.

Today is the day for our brothers.

In light of this, it is worth to mention that a huge part of our community had welcomed our Syrian guests in the spirit of Al-Ansar. However, the increasing provocative remarks and news headlines in various cities on the issue should be addressed seriously.

Regarding this matter, we hope that the perpetrators of this brutal murder will be punished with the most severe punishment, and that adequate sociological and legal measures should be taken to prevent such incident from any recurrence.