Like Every Independent Country, The Real Owner of Egypt is its People

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Like Every Independent Country, The Real Owner of Egypt is its People

Like Every Independent Country, The Real Owner of Egypt is its People

Unfortunately, Egypt has been in the hands of cruel dictators who have acted as pawns of sinister forces for many years and they had even seized power undemocratically.

Of course, such cruel intentions had perpetrated the fall of Egypt’s first elected President, the martryed Mohammed Morsi, and his colleagues, in a coup that devoid of the will of its people.

Today, the Egyptians are once again in the streets of Tahrir, now with slogans and shoutings of “Leave, Sisi!”.

These lands had witnessed many heroes who have fought for justice and have been martyred for that very reason. It is the prisons of Egypt that bear witness to the struggle of prophet Yusuf, and also of Musa and his followers when they defeated the pharaohs and oppressors of their land.

As the Ummah, we highly believe that: The truth will ultimately prevail over any injustices. And fate will always on the side of the righteous. It is hoped that we will once again see the defeat of the nefarious in the hands of the righteous.

While the notorious advocates of democracy are greeting their favorite dictators with red carpet, they are hypocritically ignorant of the Egyptian people who are taking bold civil actions, and are chanting in public squares.

Those who remember of Mohammed Morsi, who was martyred before his court last June, should not let his endeavors goes to waste. The whole world must accept that as enshrined in the UN Charter, every people have the right to be governed by their own choice and will, which on this case is also the right of the Egyptians.

As usual, the western world who proud itself as the model and advocators of democracy, are not paying their deserved attention on this rightful demand.

Our utmost wish is that our innocent Egyptian brothers will not be harmed in these civil protests.

We call upon all international institutions and organizations to act responsibly and undertake necessary measures to stand with the justified demands of the Egyptian people.

Our prayers are with the Egyptian people.