Operation Peace Spring Will Significantly Improve Regional Peace and Security

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Operation Peace Spring Will Significantly Improve Regional Peace and Security

Operation Peace Spring Will Significantly Improve Regional Peace and Security

The Turkish Armed Forces had launched Operation Peace Spring on 9 October 2019 against PKK / YPG and DAESH terrorist organizations in order to destroy the terror coridor in northern Syria and bring regional peace and security.

This operation along Turkey’s southern border is implemented in align with Adana Protocol, as well as Article 51 of UN Charter and in respect to UNSC’s resolutions regarding fight against terrorism. The aim of the operation is to prevent the emergence of another terror corridor on the Syrian border, in the guise of energy corridor, and thus ensuring the security of the region.

Operation Peace Spring is not an aggression on the rights of Kurdish citizens in the region, but an operation against terror outbreaks. Moreover, the region has been under the occupation of terrorist organizations, in which they were given military training and equipment by western countries, especially the USA, for years. These terrorists had been engaging in inhuman acts against Arabs, Kurds and Turkish citizens, forcing these people to migrate out of the region and disrupt its demographic structure. The primary objective of the operation, is to neutralize the terrorists of PKK / KCK / PYD-YPG and DAESH, all of whom had operated with different names but under the same banner in Syria. This will then improve the territorial integrity of Syria.

Throughout 9 years of Syria civil war, Turkey is the country that is most affected by the crisis. Even then, Turkey has always defended the rights of the people and has opened its door to accommodate its Syrian brothers. Turkey, despite being attacked economically, had spent more than 40 billion dollars for Syrian guests that had to leave their war-torn land. The western countries’ opinion on this operation is a complete rhetoric, as they had closed their doors, even to host some 100-200 of our Syrian brothers.

Turkey is not against the Kurdish people in the region. It is engaging in operation to fend off terrorist that had been fed by the USA and western countries for 40 years to conduct acts of terror on the people of this region.

As a country that laud itself as the leading figure in human rights, United States of America has been acting as the ‘three monkeys’ in the face of human rights violations involving Muslim communities. Western countries that had enacted treacherous policies in Middle East are the main factors for the instability of the region, especially in Syria.

It seems the pro-terror media and social media accounts had already started to distort facts regarding Operation Peace Spring. They tried to create the perception of civilians being harmed by using the photographs taken during the Syrian civil war in multiple places. In Operation Peace Spring by Turkish Army, it is about the people against the terrorist.

We have complete confidence that Operation Peace Spring will significantly improve the peace and security of the region. We wish for the great success by the heroic Turkish Army in this operation, to dry-out the swamps of terror that affected the entire region.

May Allah be your envoy and helper!