Press Relase about Afghanistan Earthqua

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Press Relase about Afghanistan Earthquake

Press Relase about Afghanistan Earthquake

We express our deep sorrow on the demise of many in Pakistan and surrounding countries due to the earthquake that occurred in Afghanistan.

We convey our get well wishes to all locals in the region in order to relieve the wounds caused by the earthquake and to express that the Islamic world shares your pains ad we share the sorrows and troubles of the Afghan and Pakistani peoples.

The consciousness of unity, which is the only future of the Muslim countries who experience harsh times, become more evident in these days. In order to keep the fresh hopes of the local people alive, we have to seek for the ways of being cure for the wounds of the Muslim societies through solidarity and cooperation and using a dialect outside politics. We continue searching for the last “Age of Bliss” (Asr al-Saadah) heralded for the Islamic world in the hearts of Muslims with the spirit of unity and solidarity.

The only way of avoiding the geopolitical chess played in Syria, the drama in Yemen and the spiral of violence in Afghanistan is the awareness of acting together of the Muslim societies.

On the occasion of this saddening incident, once again we state that we share the sorrows of the Muslims and we will be by their sides with the spirit of solidarity and give our condolence to the locals for the dead and pray for their souls.

Respectfully announced for the public.

The Union of NGOs of the Islamic World