Press Release on November 1st Parliamentary Elections in Turkey

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Press Release on November 1st Parliamentary Elections in Turkey

Press Release on November 1st Parliamentary Elections in Turkey

Secretary General of the Union of NGOs of the Islamic World Mr. Ali Kurt released the following statement.

Islamic world considers the political election in Turkey as theirs. I would like to note that a lot of important messages filled with joy and happiness regarding the results of the general election in Turkey have been received by the UNIW, which has 302 members NGOs from 61 countries. 

I believe that serious games are played out in the Islamic world. The West, who desires to rule the Islamic world according to their benefits, carried out critical operations in various countries after the Arab spring started.  

Furthermore, I would like to state that critical operations are carried out against Turkey, too. I have to say that especially for the last two years our country suffered serious troubles. 

As Turkey we have experienced a very important election yesterday. It is because the Islamic world regards this election as theirs. We have seen that the Islamic world has banded together in November 1st. We have received messages from different parts of the globe and from important personalities. We regarded them just as excited as we were. They see Turkey as the last castle of Islam and believe that if the games played out in Turkey become successful, this will affect them, as well. For this reason, they have demonstrated great sensitivity to this election. 

I believe that Turkey will continue to be a model for the Islamic world and that it must maintain unity and solidarity in the Islamic geography. I think there is a need for a leader country to manage this unity and solidarity. I hope AK Party, who was shaken by the June 7th elections which was a warning for them and took necessary lessons, will continue to the needful in this regard. 

The Islamic world needs this strong voice. Turkey will inshaAllah fulfill this mission deservedly. If Turkey is strong, then the Islamic world will be strong.