Press Release Regarding the Sad Incidents in Brother Country Sri Lanka

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Press Release Regarding the Sad Incidents in Brother Country Sri Lanka

Press Release Regarding the Sad Incidents in Brother Country Sri Lanka

We condemn the inhumane terrorist attacks on three churches and hotels in Sri Lanka last April, where many innocent people lost their lives and caused hundreds of injuries. Again, we would like to offer our condolences to the people of Sri Lanka on this atrocious incident and we wish for a speedy recovery for the injured.

This barbaric attack had demonstrated once again that we needed to put an end to all forms of terror. Any act of terrorism, regardless of where or whom it was carried out, is a crime against the moral and legal principles of all mankind, which make it the common enemy for humanity’s conscience as we pursue global peace.

Prior to Sri Lanka, the New Zealand attacks also attempt to transform our differences into enmities. Such attacks, which serve the purpose of creating an environment of mistrust and instability, are fed from the same source. Moreover, that hateful source does not only threatens common harmony and the future of humanity, but also threatens world peace.

Unfortunately, as the operations of these extremist and separatist paramilitary groups are paid with the lives of innocent people, it is supported by those in developed nations who have the capacity to conduct worldwide operations, as they want to widen the religious and ethnic strife for their own political gain and economic interests.

The basic teaching of all religions are peace and justice. No matter what view or religion they claim to be, the perpetrators and instigators of such abusive attacks should be disclosed as soon as possible, and an effective cooperation with all states should be adopted by Sri Lanka, to dry out the source and mechanisms of terror.

The people of Sri Lanka have suffered from a climate of violence for many years and have paid great socio-economic costs. It is obvious that these grievous attacks are set to create an atmosphere of turmoil by destroying the state of peace and tranquility in the beautiful country, a mosaic of many religions and races, by planting seeds of distrust among the communities that build up the country. As they were agonized by years of separatist-terrorist movements, the people of Sri Lanka had known best on how worrisome an internal conflict could be.As premature accusations with negative impulses filled the air, the highest regard should be given to ensure social harmony and peace. The innocent public have no play in the attacks perpetrated by the terrorist, and thus no one should fall prey into the trap of these terrorists that wish to incite hate among the public. These malevolent attacks with dark intentions can only be countered by having an inclusive, unifying and peaceful outlook.

In these contexts, we wish that the people of Sri Lanka were able to restraint from any attempt of escalating tensions, and for the government of Sri Lanka to take all necessary measures, with the solidarity of the international community.

The international community should be more aware of terrorist threats and making way without discrimination of race, faith or nationalities. The narrative of “I’m strong, so I’m right,” as being carried out in some Muslim countries by vile military forces that impends political and economic developments should be stopped. Therefore, we urge everyone to be ardent in ensuring peace and the peoples’ security.

This statement is announced respectfully.

The Union of NGOs of The Islamic World (UNIW)