Respect for Azan Press Release

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Respect for Azan Press Release

Respect for Azan Press Release

Our first Secretary General, Mr. Necmi Sadikloglu; UNIW Deputy Secretary General, Mr. Eyup Akbal had attended the press conference by Turkey Volunteer Organizations Foundation (TGTV) on 14th March 2019, held at Halic Convention Centre on “Respecting Azan, the call of Dakwah”.

While emphasizing the important points in the press release, TGTV President, Hamza Akbulut underlined that this situation of undermining the unity and symbol of freedom of religion can never be accepted. His speech is followed with these statements;

During a march in Taksim, the call of Azan and the call to prayer had deeply shook the public. Azan, which had becoming issues recently, is an indisputable religious symbol. It is above all ideology and politics. As Quran ul-Karim deem us with the words “We elevate your ranks…”, Prophet Muhammad had esteemly proclaimed Azan as the call for prayers.

Azan is inseparable to the Muslims, a symbol of liberty and freedom of religious practice. Azan prayer is the first live expression of ceasing captivity. This land is unthinkable without eternal Islam (community, believers). For this reason, our national poet, Mehmet Akif, who saw our independence in the rise of prayer, said:

My soul is divine, but the will,
I do not touch my chest by my hands,
As this prayer is the foundation of this religion
I groan for eternal homeland

Azan has common value of Muslims. It represents Muslims. Azan, the sacred call for believers, is the common symbol of Islamic society. Each day begins with Azan, and divided into five parts and instills the spirit of discipline. In our religion, it is necessary to recite prayers upon hearing the faithful call. The Prophet said, “When you hear the call to prayer, repeat the words of the muezzin”.

Azan is recited in all Islamic countries, emanating with the same words. Such worldwide substantive structure cannot be changed. Azan can never be a tool of entertainment. Respect must be shown. Our nation is dignified by religious values, any mockery of the said values is a reflection of poor behavior. It is an action aimed at polarizing the society, further divides and breaks our community. It is an attempt to relate Azan to political platforms and portray it as a threat to human rights and women. Humanity has paid a lot achieve peace. Respect for religion and faith the foundation of peace.

Turkey Volunteer Organizations Foundation (TGTV), strongly condemn any action to erode and discriminate Azan. We would like to remind everyone that faith and respect among one another is a virtue for humanity, and we call for all parties to act in common sense in the face of such hateful dan provocative actions.

This is respectfully announced to the public.

TGTV Executive and Chief Executive Officer
Atty. Hamza Akbulut