The Operation “Olive Branch”

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The Operation “Olive Branch”

The Operation “Olive Branch”

In today’s conjuncture, international power groups want to design a weak geographical area that is divided into smaller parts and open to external influences as possible. These power groups want to share all the riches among them with their own maps, especially to dominate energy and raw material resources and corridors.

The proxy wars that cannot be prevented because of the dirty political goals of the international society, make millions of people desperate from their land and their homeland; terrorist organizations which are very clear where and how they are established and how they are financed and equipped with the most modern weapons, are suppressing innocent people with their attacks.

The last crisis we have experienced is manifested that our geography persecuted for centuries for the sake of capitalist interests and and turned into a bloody chess board with sneaky games finely with the fitne, especially the Middle East.

In such an environment, Turkey is with every oppressed and exhibits an upright posture against the so-called human rights defenders democracy hypocrite in the face of international powers, , Turkey has overcome so much dangers in this process including the treacherous coup attempt, It has faced and continuing to face many threats from the inside and from the outside.

It is impossible for us to admit that the structures that are located very close to our border as an extension of the terrorist organizations in our country are hidden under a simple name change clause and are supported by the forces we consider as our allies. Turkey cannot get some modern weapons though he wants to buy and one terrorist organization is being armed contrary to all international agreements by USA, how is compatible with the concept of strategic partnership?

It is also thought provoking that other ally countries of NATO are silent to our proposals for persevering cooperation and resolving problem with patience. Turkey has been together with them to deal external threats.

Despite the insensitivity of the entire world including Europe, Turkey hosted 5 million oppressed Syrians without to see their origin and religion, and invited all countries to fight together against terrorist organizations and has demonstrated its commitment in this regard. This game should destroyed against Turkey.

No country can look forward to such a sneaky plot, which is fictionalized against itself, and cannot wait for their strikes, and it cannot remain silent against this dangerous terror corridor. In such a conjuncture, our state has to act in order to stop this insidious formation which is tried to be created against itself and to protect borders as natural right according the internationals law with the operation called “Zeytin Dalı” cross-border operations in order to clean up the region from terrorism, dry the bog on the spot and provide peace of mind.

These incidents, where millions of our brothers of our region are the blood and tears of our geography, are once again showing how much the Islamic world needs to recognize each other, to develop sustainable projects together, to own their own garden and to set their own goals.

As UNIW, which has 340 member NGOs from 65 countries, believes that legitimacy of Turkey’s operation, is inarguable carries out in the framework of International Law and we pray to Allah for victory of Turkish Army in this operation aimed to defeat seditious and achieve lasting peace.

Respectfully announced to the public.

Atty. Ali Kurt

UNIW Secretary General