The Real Issues Are Our Cultural and Family Ethics

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The Real Issues Are Our Cultural and Family Ethics

The Real Issues Are Our Cultural and Family Ethics

Nowadays, the family institution which embody the core of our society all over the world are faced with serious threats due to the rapid evolution of our social communication. Today, “family institutions” worldwide are threatened with calls for gender equality, efforts to alike marriage with homosexual partnerships and substantial increase of domestic violence and divorce rate. Under the guise of slogans for “freedom”, a strong smear campaign is being orchestrated to directly besmirch our Islamic values.

It is highly observable in the recent smear campaign conducted against our Director of Religious Affairs, Prof. Dr. Ali Erbas. He was attacked with criminal reports are filed against him, just for conducting his duties as the Director, in which he gave a sermon on some verses of Quran that outline the acts that are forbidden by God. It is only a crime if the Director of Religious Affairs neglect his duties to voice out the perspectives of our religion. When we review the press releases that attacked him, it is clear that their intentions is to discredit Islam by degrading Prof. Dr. Ali Erbas.

These attackers are those whom are highly reactive when their perverted thoughts are criticized and defended it as “freedom of speech & freedom of thought”, but it is these same group that went  vocally deranged when Prof. Ali Erbas explain some verses from Quran regarding the practice of our religion. Those who had succumbed to the powers of LGBT lobbies and its distorted perception, all while sneakily using the media, politics and even education mediums for that purpose, they should know that Prof. Dr. Ali Erbas is not alone on this.

This incident had highlighted the importance of conducting family-centered researches for us to resist internal and external challenges aimed at family institutions. Through these researches, we will be able to move forward towards sustainable solution in building family institutions that are in-aligned with Islam, as well as universal communal values, that would benefit both Islamic countries and the global community.

Those evil syndicate had even make a daring move to declare that “Turkey does not fulfill its obligations as a party to international agreement”, and calls upon international institutions to deride their own countries. It evidently show their true color, in which they uphold international agreements on “social peace” more than national laws that are created with the purview of their own national family interests and protects family values that defines family.

What actually is the real issue for the groups to conduct the smear campaign? Prof. Dr. Ali Erbas had simply gave a Friday sermon that reiterated Allah’s orders and prohibitions, as described in Quran, that “Adultery is forbidden” and “Homosexuality is heresy”.

The family institution constitutes the core of a peaceful and safe community. One of the most important duties of a society is to raise its young generations in the most healthy and moral way. It has become more apparent in today’s world, that as security expenditures reach its highest levels, both social and legal order are more important to ensure a safe society, and it can only be achieved by nurturing strong family institutions.

The main issue behind all of this smear campaign is the projection of insidious concepts that aims to bring down family institution. And the main thing on the LGBT+ affiliates, who are getting vocal recently, they have a generational movement with many versions of itself that the group itself have undefined identity.

We once again would like to declare that we are determined and able to protect our civilization and our cultural values against this viral attack. As we continue to reflect on our glorious history in culture, art, science, and philosophy; we have the power to keep our society well and prosper.

With 354 NGOs across 66 countries with him, Prof. Dr. Ali Erbas is never alone in this righteous discourse.

This is respectfully announced to the public.