The Trade War Against Turkey

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The Trade War Against Turkey

The Trade War Against Turkey

Disregarding the international law and the rule of law, United States of America with its strategic partnerships had led a hostile trade alliance against the Republic of Turkey, contrary to the spirit of sustainable economic cooperation.

We denounce the treacherous trade sanction, which due on the developments post 15th July coup events.

These sanctions came almost a month after the successful and historical election in Turkey which shaped its presidential system, and while Turkey is standing tall through independent restructuring and maintaining good relations throughout the Islamic world, we had well-known those who orchestrated these attacks.

Let they know that Jerusalem is the eternal capital of Palestine and international trade through national currency are a need of national defense, though they regard the supremacy of law with double standard as they want a priest be released without going through due process of being suspected of supporting acts of terrorism.

President Trump, who would even burn the whole world just like Emperor Nero would burned Rome, is threatening international peace and escalating tensions of aggressiveness in his actions throughout the world.

We are also monitoring our domestic workforce as some of them try to carry out a version of economic and diplomatic coup with the help of Zionist and Evangelicals, by conducting secret groups and agents against this country.

This country has been the cradle of independence and freedom, of rights and justice, of providing shelter and hope to those who are oppressed; those who impose this noble nation should know very well that they efforts will be in vain.

We also knew of the great governance of Turkey. A new and more powerful Turkey is ready to confront all challenges and continue its progress. It is not only its history and geography that calls for Turkey’s resurgence but it is also what the world needs.

The Union of NGOs of the Islamic World (UNIW), which consisted of 340 members from 65 countries, give our prayers for President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, and we publicly announce our support for the boycott of United States of America (USA) origin electronic products.