We Are With Jerusalem and Palestine!

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We Are With Jerusalem and Palestine!

We Are With Jerusalem and Palestine!

14th of May is now engraved as an international day where the most fundamental principles of international law and political history of the world are violated by the doctrine of “Might is Right” – it would be referred to as the black day in which every diplomatic convention, histological and sociological realities are violated.

It is obvious that Israel is hiding in plain sight of international power, while using other nation in its plan to create a situation that is only favorable to them, with militarism and terror tactics as focal state policies.

For the sake of their sole internal politics and political interests, they only speak out on Muslim when their rights and freedom are in threat, and yet we are not surprised to see how these hypocrites went silent when 60 innocent civilians are massacred by the Zionist state and their heinous plans.

Jerusalem is the most important and holy place for all Muslims after Mecca and Medina. Such belief is not reserved only by Muslims but by three major religions, which surrounds it with many provocative intrigues. After many consultations on the status of Jerusalem, they are structuring a plan that only in favor of Israel and Muslim could never accept, they even removed Muslims from the negotiating table and yet they are hailing it as a peace process.

The utter extermination of Palestinians in East Jerusalem and the hanging fate of 300,000 Muslims who lived there are threatened by the growing Jewish settlement colonies that are growing to almost 60% of the West Bank. The fact that the Palestinian Muslims has been living in the world’s largest open air prison, surrounded by Israel ‘security wall’ are another testament that Israel would continue to completely deny the right to return for many Palestinians that are in refuge in many countries.

As of 14th May 2018, the United States of America (USA) had lost its status as a mediator of the peace process, as they yield to the Israel’s play.

The most painful to bare is the silent reaction of the Muslim world on this matter, even when some Palestinian Muslims were killed in their protest of this matter.

In some parts of the Muslim world, the Palestinian cause is deemed as a ‘burden’ and there are increase chatters to just leave this matters to Allah. Just what kind of demented thoughts are tempting these minds behind closed doors.

The escalation of Israeli occupation, civil war and sectarian tensions among Islamic countries are closely intertwined, as these deceitful developments are planned and executed by known outlets. As Palestinian resistance efforts are weakened by Israel, Muslim allies around the world are keep in tight spots by Israel.

Even today, the countries of the Muslim world that had supported Palestinian cause are struggling for domestic stability: Since 2011, Syria has been under fire; Libya was devastated after NATO intervention; Iraq has been divided into three parts since American occupation; a land the size of Turkey was separated from Sudan; and the after-effects of Arab Spring in Egypt and Tunisia still ongoing.

These crisis, where millions of our brothers and sisters have been displaced from their homeland, that they had to take refuge in mercy of other countries, is a reminder of why the Islamic world need to recognize and support each other’s sustainable developments, in order to help our brothers to reclaim their land and have the capability to determine their own future.

Jerusalem and Palestine are not the problem of the Palestinians or the Arabs. This is a problem for all of us, of this Ummah. This problem is in fact a crisis of humanity, a crisis on the existence of an oppressed nation, who are deprived of human rights and freedom. The international community must take actions urgently, to put a swift end on Israel and USA growing aggression and defiance of all international law.

This statement is respectfully announced to the public.