We Condemn All Acts of Terror

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We Condemn All Acts of Terror

We Condemn All Acts of Terror

Many innocent lives were lost and wounded in the bombings of churches and hotels at Sri Lanka, as the evil and cruel face of terrorism strikes again in dreadful manner.

While the international community still recovering from the wounds of recent New Zealand massacre, this inhumane savagery in Sri Lanka exclaims that terrorism have no religion nor race.

We had lost two Turkish citizens in this attack, and as many others are struggling through these attacks, such aggresion are an assault to all humanity.

We strongly condemn this inhumane attack.

These terrorist attacks are always fueled by malicious groups that aim to drag our world into endless strife.

In order to prevent future attacks and such massacre in this 21st century, the world leaders should be aware from being the pawns of these brutal oppressors in their chess game, persevere in making peace and forging unity throughout the world, to refrain from endorsing discrimination and alienation of values in their political action, and take concrete actions upon these vile groups through their roots, as to provide solid and sustainable mechanism in the international spectrum to end this threat.

We would like to express our heartfelt condolences to the relatives of the murdered victims and we wish a speedy recovery for the wounded.

This statement is respectfully announced to the public.