We Condemn the Terrorism

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We Condemn the Terrorism

We Condemn the Terrorism

As UNIW we strictly condemn this terrorist attack which target our unity, peace and brotherhood. Allah have mercy on our citizens, we wish patience to their relatives, and we wish speedy recovery for the injured citizens. Our condolences are for our nation.

External and Internal betrayers should know that they are not going to get any results with doing these kind of attacks which killed tens of civilians.   This terrorist attack is not going to spoil our unity and commitment. On the contrary we close our ranks more and these attacks increase our awareness and increase our enmity more against them. We are one nation with our Turkish and Kurdish brothers. We are aware those kind of plays on us. 

World Public Opinion should protest these kind of attacks and they should not give them open support or indirect support anywhere or anytime. Everybody knows that PKK or similar groups could not continue their activities without their supports. The countries which remain silence or give them open support or indirect support logistically or else, are responsible on this brutal attack equally. 

We need to call these dark forces to account and we need to give them hard time. 

Again we strictly condemn this terrorist attack which cause deep sadness not only in Turkey but all in the Islamic World. We call our citizens to stand upright against these kind of attacks and invite our brothers to act discreetly and have patient. We invite World Public Opinion to stop being hypocrite and to stop supporting this violence.

With Regards,

The Union of NGOs of the Islamic World (UNIW)