We Reject Israel’s Ethnicity and Religion Based Political Exclusivity!

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We Reject Israel’s Ethnicity and Religion Based Political Exclusivity!

We Reject Israel’s Ethnicity and Religion Based Political Exclusivity!

Having settled in an unjust occupation of Palestinian territory, Israel has provided its presence and enlargement with terrorist actions. Israel has taken Terrorism which was already in its genes one step further by bringing out the Jewish Nation-State Law.

The Israeli state which in fact has no constitution but with the last regulation included in the “basic laws” (is considered as constitution over there) is defined as an ethnical-religious state and became a representative of all the world’s Jews.

In reality, this law is a race-religion-based state structuring in the context of moving politics one step further, such as the declaration of Jerusalem as the capital, which is continuing planned with the support of the United States.

Present situation will become a tower of strength as to provide a legal background for security and military members and preparations for “ethnic cleansing” aimed at Palestinian people.

The discriminatory policies that already exist in practice at present are governed by a law and by removing the Arabic language from the official language status, currently the only official language of the country is Hebrew.

Racist apartheid regime laws and two different citizens’ models (which are no longer acceptable in the free world) adopted and to cover up the assimilation, the Palestinians, who are the original owners of the country, are pushed into the position of second class citizens.

With an approach that will never be accepted; by saying “Israel is the historical homeland of the Jews all over the world, and the right to self-determination belongs solely to Jews, Israel is a Jewish state, all Jews in the world have the right to return to Israel, the religious days of Jews will be considered as official holidays and Israel’s capital is Jerusalem” Israel ignores the Palestinians’ historic assets on these lands and their right to return to their lands, which have been expelled from their homelands in 1948 and which have been struggling for their lifes in inhumane conditions in the surrounding countries for years, while encouraging the Jews in different parts of the world to come and settle in Israel.

A distorted mentality that sees every living in a country other than the Jews as a “slave” was recklessly legalised by saying “When there is lacunae in the law, the Jewish law will be referred to.” This is the last example of the threat posed by the occupant force not only for our division but also for humanity.

The irresponsiveness and despair of international institutions and organizations, especially the UN, against a fascist understanding that legitimizes racism as a national concept which is contrary to the United Nations (UN) charter and all universal moral values, can not be accepted.

Unfortunately, the real sad situation is that in ispite of all these issues and despite the fact that Turkey’s advocacy and relief works for our oppressed Palestinian brothers and sisters, some of the Muslim countries still converging with Israel, getting under common security shield against the Iranian threat and conspiring with them.

In fact, nothing is changing for Israel, Palestine and the world. Israel was always been that way, it already seemed like it, it was already doing such practices and it was already undertaking this mindset of all-out slaughter.

Isn’t it the silence of the international community that has already encouraged Israel to commit massacres, arbitrary laws and treatments?

As a result, this law is actually nothing more than stating the obvious.
This law is declared null and void by the Islamic World.

As UNIW, we call on all states and international insitutions, notably the Islamic countries, to take an active stance against the increasingly reckless and aggressive steps of Israel, which threatens world peace, by ignoring all human rights acquisitions and diplomatic practices that the free world has to this day.

This statement is respectfully announced to the public.

The Union of NGOs of The Islamic World