We Strongly Condemn Terrorism!

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We Strongly Condemns Terrorism!

We Strongly Condemn Terrorism!

Terrorism had resurfaced once more, and this time by attacking our security forces who relentlessly on guard, ensuring the safety and security of the people. However, let the terrorist, along with their local and international conspirators realized that such actions will only increase our hatred towards them, while instead, increasing our own unity and solidarity. The perpetrators of this abusive attack should be met with the heaviest penalty as soon as possible, regardless of their position.

International foreign powers should highly condemn such terror acts, not only when it befalls them but also addressing the root cause from where they came, and refrain from providing any support to such groups, either indirectly or explicitly. Those who provide covert support, remain silent or avoiding cooperation with Turkey on bringing down those who orchestrate this brutal and inhumane attacks are equally liable for these terrorist acts. We call for the international community to put an end to the hypocrisy and cooperate fully to eliminate all kinds of terrorist movements.

As this blessed nation had survived for thousands of years, we surely will overcome the crisis of these days, with Allah’s permission. Not only in our country, but throughout the Islamic world, we condemn these abhorrent terrorist attacks; we call for the people to act in patience and moderation, as we will stand firmly and steadfastly in the face of these acts of terror.

This is respectfully announced to the public.