We support Abdulkadir Yapçan!

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We support Abdulkadir Yapçan!

It is sad that from Uyghur Turks Abdulkadir Yapcan who lives in İstanbul from 2001 and who China issued a red notice for him at 2002, arrested in Bakırkoy Court of Peace and jailed in Maltepe Department of Correction because of this suppression.

As it is known East Turkestan occupied by Chine and this is our one of the most important case in İslamic Geography observed with sadness and concern.

China Government encouraged by the silence of UN and International Community and they ignore all kinds of humanitarian fundamental rights and freedoms, plus basic needs including freedom of thought, faith and worship.

Occupant government consider every movement against their inhuman treatment – including mandatory birth ban, abortion, enforced migration-  as “terror” and avenging person as “terrorist”. Uyghur Turks fighting for their lives against all these kinds of oppressions.

Abdulkadir Yapçan has no “crime (!)” rather than an effort to be voice of Muslims. It is sad that he forced to live as fugitive in Turkey and his naturalization demand has been denied, therefore he faced with this motion for new trial without any tangible data.

We consider that this unlawful execution by China government against Uyghur prominent also against our government’s policy which always support sufferings and righteous.

We have to admit that this unfair behavior which carries intention to put East Turkestan under psychological pressure is neither the first nor the last. Chinese government tries to dash our kins’ hopes who consider Turkey as a safe haven.

We are proud of our politics which moralize east world and look after all sufferers which made its mark in history.

We believe that this unfair arrest warrant should terminate immediately which drive all Muslims into sadness, worry and disappointment. Abdulkadir Yapçan should release and not be expelled, his and other Uyghur permanent’s naturalization request should be reviewed again.

Respectfully announced to the public.

Atty. Ali Kurt
UNIW General Secretary