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As UNIW International Family Institute (IFI) secretariat, we consulted on... Devamını Oku

“The International Conference of Non-Governmental Organizations of the Islamic World: Searching for a New Vision in a Changing World” was organized on 1st of May 2005, with the participation of more than three hundred non-governmental organizations from 40 countries, in Istanbul.

Among the prominent speakers of the conference are the Speaker of Turkish Parliament Mr. Bülent Arınç and Turkish Foreign Minister, Mr.Abdullah Gül.

In the last session of the Conference, a discussion was conducted over the draft for the establishment of The Union of Non-Governmental Organizations of the Islamic World (UNIW). And after further deliberations, the respective NGOs representatives voted to accept the draft and initiating the formation of UNIW.

For the first three-year tenure, Necmi Sadıkoğlu was elected as the first Secretary General of UNIW and Atty. Ali Kurt was appointed as the Turkey representative to the Union. Istanbul was also chosen to be the location for its headquarters. Later on, by 31st December 2005, UNIW was officially founded by the Cabinet Decree, under the provisions of Act No.3335 regarding the Foundation of Organizations Having International Characteristic.

In UNIW 5th General Assembly Meeting in 2012, Atty. Ali Kurt was elected as UNIW Secretary General and had continue providing his diligent service ever since. Mr.Eyüp Akbal is the current Turkey Representative.

UNIW currently has 354 members from 66 countries.