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قائمة الأعضاء

27. Konsey Toplantısı

UNIW 27th Council Meeting was held in Istanbul Akgün Hotel on January 11, 2020 with the participation of council members from 20 different countries.

The first session of the program, which starts with the Quran recitation; reading the agenda and UNIW Secretary General Att. It started with the opening speech of Ali Kurt. General Secretary Kurt gave an overview of the activities carried out since the previous Council meeting. He gave brief information about the latest studies and shared updated information about ongoing and planned projects.

Then Av. Ali Kurt shared the details of the 2019 Kuala Lumpur Summit, which he attended, with the members of the council. Emphasizing the importance of the summit held, Kurt said, “This summit was a very important step. I wish it to continue and to be beneficial to the Islamic world, ”he said. In the rest of his speech, Kurt gave information to the members of the council by making a detailed presentation on the recruitment, inference and membership fees of the members. 

Musab Aydın, President of the Humanitarian Aid Platform (IYP), made a presentation about the interviews and studies carried out on the axis of the IYP about the work carried out on the axis of the UNIW Humanitarian Aid Platform.

Young UNIW President Serdar Bayram also made a presentation about Young UNIW studies. Bayram said, “We ask our council members to suggest a young representative to us on behalf of the institutions they represent. Thus, we can come together with the young representatives simultaneously with the council meetings and undertake important works of the Young UNIW axis ”.

At the end of the council meeting, the memberships of 19 institutions that applied for new membership were consulted and their memberships were approved. UNIW Secretary General Att. Ali Kurt thanked everyone for their participation. The 27th Council meeting ended with a prayer and family photograph.