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13th International Youth Gathering (IYG), “Sustainable Future For Youth”

The Young UNİW has managed to gather enthusiastic and dynamic youth under one roof with International Youth Gatherings and it still continue to hold this kind of organization in order to develop modern politics in whole Islamic World.

One of those meeting was the 13th International Youth Gathering which held in İstanbul- Ankara and Konya between August 18-24, 2016. Thousands of young people from different geographies and different nations who have different languages and different skin colors had chances to exchange of views in this gathering.  UNIW Secretary General Atty. Ali Kurt and Prof. Dr. Ahmet Davutoglu,  Efkan Ala, Ali Karadagi, Ravza Kavakçı Kan, Yasin Aktay, Kerem Kınık, Kani Torun, Mehmet Köse, Melih Ecertaş, Tahir Akyürek, Yakup Canpolat, Hüsniye Erdoğan, Abdullah Ağralı, Uğur Kaleli, Lütfiye İlksen Ceritoğlu Kurt, Muzaffer Şeker and 40 representatives of NGOs from overseas attended the meeting.

International Youth Gatherings started in 2008. In the following years the gatherings had been held in Indonesia, Sudan, Morocco, Albania, Cyprus, Malaysia and Turkey with the attendances of more than 1800 young people from nearly 50 countries. Those meritorious gatherings will continue every year in different countries.

Draft Program

18 August 2016 Thursday       Accommodation in Istanbul
19 August 2016 Friday            Transfer to Ankara – Opening Program
20 August 2016 Saturday        Academic Forum  (1st Day)
21 August 2016 Sunday           Sightseeing in Ankara and transfer to Konya
22 August 2016 Monday          Academic Forum (2nd Day) and Closing Program
23 August 2016 Tuesday         Sightseeing in Konya
24 August  2016 Wednesday   Transfer to Istanbul