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Auditing Board

Auditing Board

“The auditing board shall be composed of three regular and three substitute members elected by the General Assembly from among members of the UNIW for a term of office of three years.

Members shall elect a spokesman from among themselves at the first meeting they hold.

In case there occur vacancies due to any reasons among the regular memberships, substitute members according to number of votes they’ve received shall be summoned by the Auditing Board in order to join the board.

Council shall be informed of such status within one week.”


Auditing Board Members of UNIW elected for a three-year term at the 8th Elective General Assembly on 8 December 2017 are as follows:

Auditing Board Members (Permanent)

1) Ade Salamun Basri, Indonesia (CV)

2) Mohammed Aidaros Ali Al-Humaikani, Yemen (CV)

3) Recep Songül, Turkey (CV)

Auditing Board Members (Substitute)

1) Hassan Elsetohy, Australia (CV)

2) Dr. Ibrahim Mohamed Haji Bulushi, Kenya (CV)

3) Kalilla Majanov, Kazakhistan (CV)