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Establishing a de facto ummah consciousness among NGOs and our members, supporting our
organization all over the world.
A sadaqah-i concubine by connecting with Muslims
In order to leave a solid bridge to the generations that follow us,
“We are here to walk together on this blessed path and to worry about the problems of this ummah!”
If you say so, we are waiting for you at UNIW. Come, our values ​​as members of the religion of tawhid
Let’s work together on the axis.
Let’s not forget that success is in unity and togetherness.
And the power comes from unity!

The name of the Bank: Türkiye Finans Katılım Bankası
Branch: Yavuz selim Şubesi
Branch code: 53
Swift Code: AFKBTRIS
Account name: İslam Dünyası STK’ları Birliği

The name of the Bank Branch Swift Code Account name
Türkiye Finans Katılım Bankası
Yavuz selim Şubesi
İslam Dünyası STK’ları Birliği
Currency unit Account number IBAN
Turkish lira
TR05 0020 6000 5300 3406 7200 03
TR21 0020 6000 5300 3406 7201 03
TR91 0020 6000 5300 3406 7201 04