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General Assembly

“The General Assembly is the most authorized organ of the UNIW consisting of representatives of the members who joined the UNIW as founder members, representatives of members who were later admitted to membership and observer members.

The General Assembly shall hold an ordinary meeting once a year on the date assigned and declared by the Council.

If deemed necessary by the Council, the duration of the gathering of the General Assembly may be extended to two years.

An extraordinary meeting may be held at any time on the decision of the Council or the written request of one fifth of members of the UNIW.

General Assembly meetings shall be held at the UNIW’s Center.”


UNIW General Assembly meetings were held on the following dates and locations:

1st General Assembly Meeting, 24 March 2006, Greenpark Hotel, Istanbul

2nd General Assembly Meeting, 07 December 2007, Ensar Foundation, Istanbul

3rd General Assembly Meeting, 01 June 2009, Ensar Foundation, Istanbul

4th General Assembly Meeting, 20 November 2011, İnsan Foundation, Istanbul

5th General Assembly Meeting, 03 June 2012, Siyasal Foundation, Istanbul

6th General Assembly Meeting, 27 January 2013, Gönen Hotel, Istanbul

7th General Assembly Meeting, 25 July 2015, Bahariye Mevlevihanesi, Istanbul

8th General Assembly Meeting, 08 December 2017, Akgün Hotel, Istanbul

You can reach the member list of UNIW by clicking here.