lamic World Academy Is Being Established , 2/10/2017

The pioneers of the intellectual and political life of Islamic civilization over the last 200 years nearly always faced with the same question: “why is the Islamic world left behind and how can it achieve the position it deserves?” the answers to this questions sometimes depends on the state of the responder, while sometimes it varies according to geography. This put together offers a very important experience for today’s youths to have better evaluation of the problems in the Islamic world.

The Yong Union of non-governmental organization of the Islamic world (Young UNIW) who is well aware of the need to find a solution to the problems of the Islamic world by evaluating this experience is proud to present a continuous 1 year international project, the Islamic world academy project.


The project is going to be held in Turkey simultaneously alongside with Malaysia and Albania. First, a reading program for the analysis of the Islamist ideas in different time and geography will be held. Followed by a summer camp that will be attended by specialist lecturers as well as the most successful students, 10 from turkey and 5 from Albania and Malaysia each.  During the third reading course, Intensive reading and analysis of the subjects for the current problems in the Islamic world will be held. Finally, in December the participants will make a presentation in the International Islamic World Academy Symposium. The language of the camp and the symposium will be English.


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