The International Muslims Conference from Crisis to the Solution in all around the World , 3/18/2017

Holiday Inn Hotel, Amman-Jordan
March 18, 2017

The conference titled "The International Muslims Conference from Crisis to the Solution in all around the World" was held on March 18, 2017 by the Al-Muntada al-Amlami lil-Vesetiye Platform based in Amman-Jordan with the participation of famous leaders of the Islamic World in Amman the capital of Jordan.

President  of Al-Muntada al-Amlami lil-Vesetime Platform Al-Sadik Al-Mahdi, President of the Tunis Nahda Movement Abdulfettah Moro, General Secretary of the International Union of Muslim Scholars Ali Al-Qaradaghi, Abdullah al-Zayin from Malaysia, Chairman of Sunni council Sheikh Abdullatif al-Hamim from Iraq, Ali Hussein Fadlullah and Dr. Ahmet al-Kabisi from Iraq, Secretary General of the Union of NGOs of the Islamic World Atty. Ali Kurt from Turkey and Prof Ekrem Keleş from Presidency of Religious Affairs, about 90 scholars and NGO presidents participated to this conference from 20 different countries.

Speakers discussed terrorism, ISIS and radicalism during this two days conference which is not only problem of Muslim countries. İt is an agenda of world in recent years. Underlined that these problems damaged Muslim societies particularly and civil wars in Islamic world became a part of everyday life. It was emphasized that the blood must be stopped and a solution to the crises must come from the Muslims first. 

UNIW Secretary General Atty. Ali Kurt gave speech during conference about "Civil Society Organizations in the axis of the Establishment of the Social Union in Islamic World" and said: "This geography has to recognize each other, to develop sustainable projects together, to protect their home and decide their future themselves. In today's conjuncture, international power groups want to design a weak and divided into small parts geographical area with their own maps, to share all the riches especially the energy and raw material resources and corridors. Just as they want to design new Sykes Picots in the Middle East these days."

During this conference, scholars exchange their views in various workshops.  Secretary General of Al-Muntada al-Amlami lil-Vesetiye Platform Dr. Mervan el-Fauri presented plaquet to speakers and conference ended with a declaration.


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