First Brotherhood Meeting , 5/24/2017

Istanbul, 24 May 2017

First Brotherhood Meeting held on 24 May 2017 in Aziz Mahmud Hudai Foundation Çamlıca site by Zeyd Bin Sabit Association in cooperation with The Union of NGOs of The Islamic World under the title "We will not forget them"

Program started with the recitation of Quran and after played a video describing the situation of Syrian orphans. Famous Syrian scholar Usama al-Rifai and his brother Sariye al-Rifai from Syria, The founder of Aziz Mahmud Hudai Foundation Sheikh Osman Nuri Topbas, Jubbeli Ahmet, and Secretary General of the Union of the NGOs of The Islamic World Atty. Ali Kurt from Turkey were chief guests of the program. About 100 persons were in the program.

UNIW Secretary General Atty. Ali Kurt underlined during his speech in the meeting that we are facing so much problems but we know none of them is unsolvable. Only we can make a way for these problems. People of our community have to come together for same cause and aim and have to combine two side of rosary again. Because unity of Islam is necessary in this period like always. Jubbeli Ahmet told the importance of looking after the orphans by telling journey of Hazrat Musa (A.S) and Hazrat Khizar (A.S) from Quran. Syrian scholars discussed the war situation in Syria for last siz years and troubles taken by Muslims.

After the speeches, Zeyd Bin Sabit Association introduced their projects for orphans in  Syria. The program ended with a short film named "My Father".


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