UNIW International Jurists Meeting , 1/28/2017

As UNIW, International jurists came together in AKGÜN hotel Istanbul on 27-29 January 2017 to evaluate the International JASTA agreement. In the meeting, participants discussed JASTA agreement and it's application. They also discussed about it's affects particularly to Muslim and other countries. In addition, the new immigration law also brought on table, which was passed by USA president Trump to ban entry of seven Muslim countries to USA.

JASTA law is against to principles of the sovereignty of the nations. This law allow prosecuting other countries in federal or in local courts. By this means, any person and any civilian has right to sue against other country in local courts. International lawyers evaluated this issue.

Participants of the meeting were expertise in law. They participated on behalf of universities and legal institutes. Participants accepted that JASTA law is totally against to the principles of the national sovereignty and this law can be legal chaos among the states.

One of the basic principles of international law is the Immunity of foreign sovereignty which mandates that a local court cannot conduct judicial proceedings against a foreign state. This principle arises from the recognition of states’ equality and independence. Besides that, states have traditionally been reluctant to sue a foreign state in their local courts because of their economic and political relations with each other.

In many regions of the world the United States, which conducts either military, political, economic or paramilitary, open or secret operations, take the most advantage of the law mentioned above. Another shared opinion among the participants of the meeting was that JASTA's main target was Saudi Arabia. It is also emphasized that the USA may have been planning to confiscate Saudi investments, around 800 billion dollars’ worth, inside the USA through the court procedures however, it was also assessed that this law could easily be used as a threat to all Muslim countries in the meantime.


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