Turkish & Arabic NGOs Meeting , 11/19/2016

The Workshop of the Turkish-Arab NGOs organized by the Red Crescent was held on November 19, 2016 at Renaissance Polat Hotel Istanbul. Representatives of NGOs who work in the field of domestic and foreign humanitarian aid attended the meeting.

According to UN data, 89 million people in the world are living without help of another human being. Compared to the past 20 years, current level of gun battle 2 times increased. So the refugees’ remaining outside their homeland reached for 17 years approximately. The global terrorist organizations spreading in the area of Islam in favor for developed countries’ own interests. Also UN has not been able to intervene them due to their weaknesses. These terrorist organizations such Boko Haram in Nigeria caused 1.3 million people have to abandon their countries. Also 700,000 people migrate from the Central African Republic.  But any effective or joint solution for all these problems did not come from the western countries yet.

NGO representatives who come from different parts of the Arab geography, mentioned about their activities by describing their approach to such problems in their regions. The Turkish Red Crescent authorities gave information in general and especially about the activities of what they have done in the Syrian camps in Turkey.

Particularly among the participants, the fact that generally accepted was the laws and institutions unfortunately did not work at active level so far. Especially the UN Security Council, serve the interests of permanent 5 nations rather than protecting the security of the world. Speakers at the workshop emphasized that Muslims get up against themselves instead of meet the human needs of people living in these conflict regions.  Participants mutually came to in coordination to move in the field together and to develop common actions.

The headlines agreed in this meeting were:

  • What NGOs’ and humanitarian organizations’ in Islamic countries responsibilities are to analysis and implementation of issues such as common strategy and joint operation / advocacy that the states themselves cannot do,
  • To do this by trying to alleviate oppression peoples’ pain everywhere in the world,
  • 57 Islamic countries, as well as Islamic communities living in 192 countries, should be in coordinated in order to have the power to determine the political agenda in the sense of both the material and social network of the entire world,
  • To organize a workshop in Kuwait or Qatar that will bring together Muslim humanitarian organizations from all over the world,
  • To set up a mutual network and to increase the number of joint workshops to answer the question of how to use our opportunities and potential better.


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