Visit to AFAD , 10/23/2018

Visit to AFAD
23 October 2018, Ankara

We visited AFAD CHAIRMAN Dr. Mehmet Gulluoglu in his office. President of Yemen Veysel Karani Foundation Salah Batis was also present. An evaluation was made about the aid ships sent to Yemen in the past years. The hitches and problems were criticized.

Mr. Salah whom is Yemeni, gave information about the latest social and political situations in Yemen. He explained that a bureaucratic state structure in Yemen has disappeared and that there is a great human tragedy. He gave information about the work they did in order to save both the present and the future of the country. Within the framework of a joint project with Turks Abroad and Related Communities (YTB) and Ansar Foundation, this axis 1000 students brought to Turkey to do their higher education here. Within the framework of the project prepared for the education of these young people who will protect the future of Yemen, the protocol signed with the institutions mentioned in the context of starting with 200 students in the first place.

Mr. Salah said that there is a great war of domination in Yemen right now, Yemen is falling apart between Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates and Iran. He said that Yemeni people loves Turkey and Turkey should have a say in Yemen. Especially, starting from the Al Mahram region, where a major flood disaster took place, the aid could be delivered to the most need regions. Within the framework of strategy of being both at near coast border with Oman and the great love of the Yemeni people. He said that Turkey should have a say either alone or along with Kuwait without any hesitation. Structure which has the appearance of government is dark nationalist Arabs and they do not want Turkey in the region, but they try to look like they are friendly. Those aids from Turkey should not be delivered to those and not distributed by them.

In the meeting, it is stated that the first steps to be taken in these directions is; by establishing a committee of residents Yemeni NGOs in Turkey, relieve aid help with the support of these NGOs and committee and a strategic plan should be expressed within the framework of joint action. It is underlined that Turkey needs to develop an overall strategy for Yemen.

Mr. Mehmet stated that there is an AFAD office in Bangladesh and a liaison office can be opened in Yemen. He said that he would talk with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in order to form a delegation by taking the Red Crescent too. He said that we should also set up a delegation from NGOs and get together within the framework of UNIW’s Humanitarian Aid Platform. However, both the Red Crescent and the NGOs financial capacities are very limited, he added. Especially, taking into consideration that the current budget limitation from the finance office is high, it is difficult to get support.

It was emphasized that the most important issue is to present a road map containing sustainable and realistic projects to the Presidency by developing a common strategic plan.


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